TWiMMI (Tanzania Women in Mining and Mineral Industry)

Is a Non-profit, Women in Mining Association that groups together all aspects of women in mining and mineral industry in Tanzania. Since its inception in 2021, TWiMMI has successfully brought together women in mining both ASM (artisan & Small scale miners), MEM’s and SMEs into a single block with a single business-oriented set of interests. This achievement has resulted in TWiMMI becoming the fastest-growing women’s mining and mineral organization in the country, and the recognition of that accomplishment has motivated the support expected to bring women empowerment and transform the industry.


A successful mining value chain offering women an excellent economic opportunity in a socially responsible environment with a strong focus on inclusion.


Supporting women in the mining and mineral industry in growing through empowering them to achieve a comprehensive organisation and to influence their collective strength, as well as celebrating their achievements and contribution of women in the country’s economy.



Ignite the power of women to take on leadership roles and make important decisions within the mining and mineral industry.


Creating a diverse and inclusive space where all women in the mining and mineral industry, feel valued and respected.


Prioritizing the safety and well-being of all women in the mining and mineral industry.

Professional development

Providing opportunities for women in the mining and mineral industry to grow and advance in the sector from ASM to Middle Scale miners and fostering knowledge transfer within the industry.

Community engagement

Building positive relationships and actively contributing to the development of the communities where mining and mineral operations take place.

Environmental stewardship

Implementing sustainable practices and offsetting the negative impact of mining and mineral extraction on the environment and minimising Caborn's footprint in Value Added Minerals.

Transparency and accountability

Being open and accountable to stakeholders, and women in mining and mining communities

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